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Irrigation Maintenance

The irrigation maintenance team at Smart Water operates to ensure that installed irrigation systems are kept in optimal condition for the lifetime of their use. Smart Water’s experienced irrigation technicians can perform irrigation audits, system upgrades, scheduled or irregular maintenance, and emergency repairs for your irrigation system. The irrigation team can perform maintenance throughout Melbourne, Victoria.


For domestic irrigation customers, it is recommended to make an irrigation maintenance booking before the weather warms up so that you can enjoy your garden throughout the summer. Inspecting your irrigation system for any damage, ensuring filters and equipment are in working condition, and checking the health of your irrigation system are important steps to take.


For commercial irrigation customers, it is recommended that you discuss the optimal frequency of maintenance depending on the size, complexity, and use of the irrigation system with the irrigation installation team.



Why book an irrigation system service?

  • Regular servicing of your irrigation system can save a significant amount on your water bill by reducing the amount of water passing through the water meter and the sewage/waste charge which are both calculated from the metered water.
  • The team can assist with irrigation maintenance services for large commercial jobs as part of a regular maintenance plan.
  • Upgrading old or damaged components or upgrading to new technology including Wi-Fi-ready controllers and highly efficient water-saving nozzles.
  • Install water-saving rain or moisture sensors.
  • Pick up any additional issues to save you time and money in the future.


Your irrigation service appointment

During your irrigation system service, the team will complete the following:

  • Check the operation of any irrigation controllers (ie. correct times) and advise you on programming and adjustments for the current season.
  • Check your irrigation system is adequately covering areas required and adjust suit.
  • Check pop-ups are retracting when the system shuts down.
  • Check rain sensors are operating correctly if fitted or fit a sensor if requested.
  • Confirm that the irrigation system isolation valve is operational in case of an emergency.
  • Locate and test solenoid valves for correct opening and closing and adjust flow controls.
  • Check for water meter movement if your system is turned off.
  • Check and clean filtration.

Contact us about our irrigation maintenance services

For more information or to enquire about Smart Water’s maintenance services, fill in the form below and a member of the maintenance team will be in touch.