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Irrigation Design

As the leading landscape irrigation experts in Melbourne, Victoria, Smart Water has a team of Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) with decades of collective experience, who provide expertise to landscape architects for irrigation designs on commercial and large scale residential projects. The team has skills and knowledge in urban landscapes, open space, sports, recreation, and agricultural irrigation. The team at Smart Water uses the latest F/X CAD software to present a professional, easy-to-follow irrigation plan. The designers continue to develop and refine their knowledge to design an irrigation system to suit your needs and budget while saving water in the process.


Certified Irrigation Design

Smart Water irrigation designers follow a design development process to ensure that the site will be watered adequately during peak water demand. Considering local climate information and specific hydrozoning requirements, the consultants will develop a detailed design drawing package with tender and construction documentation, and if required, can provide installation inspection services. Smart Water believes that an efficient irrigation system helps to save water while reducing evaporation and runoff. The team will work closely with stakeholders to create the perfect design for any government, commercial or large domestic project and provide parts lists or installation estimates based on your requirements.



Irrigation Design Suite Inclusions

Our Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) will consult to determine your expectations, the preferred methods of irrigation, water supply type and strategy. Upon completion of the irrigation design project, we will provide a full schematic irrigation plan in AutoCAD, including:

  • Includes emitter/spray layout, pipe layout and hydraulics, valve locations, sleeves and conduits, controller, and sensor locations in readiness for tender issue.
  • Installation detail of major irrigation components.
  • Irrigation schedule, valve schedule, watering schedule, and runtime schedules.
  • Technical specification document, schedule of rates, and pre-tender opinion on probable costs.


Irrigation Inspection Services

Smart Water offer irrigation inspection services for all projects that are not being installed by Smart Water. This service is to provide you with peace of mind that your irrigation installation is following industry best practice standards and is being installed in conjunction with the associated plans. Our irrigation inspection services include:

  • Site inspection after layout (staking) of irrigation.
  • Site inspection for nominated hold points.
  • Site visit for minor defects reporting at commissioning (Practical Completion).
  • Site visit for defects rectification before handover.


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