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Fertilisers and Soil Additives

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Fertilisers & Soil Additives
 When laying instant turf or preparing your yard for fresh grass, it is important to research additives that may assist in the establishment of your lawn. For example – starter fertiliser is important to consider, as it helps to prepare the soil for cover and assists in root establishment. There are other varieties that should be applied seasonally or as required, such as Winter Grass Killers which target and poison roots and weeds as they appear.

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 In order to grow and thrive, lawns require a number of essential nutrients (specifically nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium.) Fertilising a lawn is the process of adding the deficient elements back into the soil, offering your lawn a better chance of success and survival.
 Smart Water stock a number of fertilisers, including those by: Advanced Seed and Lawn Solutions Australia

Soil Enhancers
 Soil Enhancers encapsulate a number of different lawn treatments, from wetting agents that increase the moisture in your soil to conditioners that improve soil’s physical qualities to allow for better growth.
 Smart Water stock a number of soil enhancers, including those by: Advanced Seed and Lawn Solutions Australia

Weed Control
 Herbicides and Pesticides are substances introduced to a lawn in order to control weed growth and pest attack. By applying these treatments to your lawn, one can reduce the maintenance required and improve aesthetic value, while ensuring no long-term damage is caused.

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