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Round Tanks

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Round Tanks
 Round Rainwater Tanks are the most commonly used tanks for rainwater collection, water storage, and water irrigation systems, thanks to their classic design, anti-leak resistance, and range of capacities. The structural strength of round rainwater tanks is exceptionally high also, as the structure and shape allow the tank to withstand the outward-directed force of water, as well as the force of wind and rain that impinges upon the structure from outside. The round shape of these generic rainwater tanks also minimise the area through which heat can radiate, ensuring the enclosed water remains at a more consistent heat than differently-shaped tanks.
However, due to their bulky design, these tanks are most suited to domestic, residential, or commercial properties with plenty of excess space and little aesthetic demand.
 Smart Water Shop offers a range of quality Round Rainwater Tanks, including those made by Melro, Tankmasta, All Weather, and Kingspan.