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Rainwater Tanks

Smart Water Shop is your one-stop shop for Rainwater Tank supplies, service, and professional advice. Whether you’re looking for a package ready to install, or a customised system perfect for your personal project, we can help you. Smart Water Shop has an extensive range of Rainwater Harvesting products, both online and in-store, including but not limited to:

Rainwater Tanks
  If you’re facing water scarcity or looking to improve sustainability around the home, rainwater tanks provide an ideal solution for effectively and efficiently harvesting and storing water for a number of applications.  Our wide range of rainwater tanks provide high-quality water storage options for small or large properties, in an extensive variety of colours, with plastic and steel models available.
 Smart Water Shop stock a range of Rainwater Tank options, including:

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Round Tanks
 Round Rainwater Tanks are the most commonly used tanks for rainwater collection, water storage, and water irrigation systems, thanks to their classic design, anti-leak resistance, and range of capacities. The structural strength of round rainwater tanks is exceptionally high also, as the structure and shape allow the tank to withstand the outward-directed force of water, as well as the force of wind and rain that impinges upon the structure externally. The round shape of these generic rainwater tanks also minimise area through which heat can radiate, ensuring the enclosed water remains at a more consistent heat than other tank shapes.
 Due to their bulky design, these tanks are most suited to domestic, residential, or commercial properties with plenty of excess space and little aesthetic demand.

Slimline Tanks
 Slimline Rainwater Tanks are a convenient alternative to the more bulky round rainwater tanks, as their slim design allows them to fit neatly against fences, in narrow alleys, under eaves and along boundary lines on most domestic properties. For this reason, Slimline Tanks  are of the most popular tanks utilised in city or suburban regions, as they are fantastic space-savers while still offering ample storage capacities to harvest and store water. Slimline Tanks also offer the opportunity to connect multiple storage systems together, effectively increasing the volume of water that can be stored.

Under-Deck Tanks
 Under Deck (or Under House) Tanks are the best option for properties that may be lacking in external space, such as a backyard or garden. These tanks are specifically designed to fit under your deck or house, yet they work in much the same way as a standard domestic tank, allowing rainwater to be harvested, stored and utilised at a later time. Under Deck Tanks are available in a number of different materials to ensure their efficiency and fit in any space – from rigid, polyethylene tanks which remain the same size, to the bladder design which allows for easy movement and will only reach maximum size once full.

Under-Ground Tanks
 Under Ground Tanks are the perfect water storage solution for properties with limited space (and a need for large volumes of water) or those that wish to keep their rainwater tanks out of sight. Although Under Ground Tanks are more difficult and costly to install than their above-ground counterparts, they manage to remain out-of-sight and out-of-mind. These tanks are also especially efficient at maintaining a steady temperature throughout the year, due to being hidden from differing cold and hot temperatures, and are able to resist extreme and adverse weather conditions.

Specialty Tanks
 For more specialised applications and uses, Smart Water also have a range of specialty tanks – from smaller storage units for caravans and boats, to steel tanks made to your custom dimensions.

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