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Rain & Moisture Sensors

Smart Water Shop is your one-stop shop for irrigation supplies, service, and professional advice. Whether you’re looking for a package ready to install, or a customised system perfect for your personal project, we can help you. Smart Water Shop has an extensive range of Irrigation products, both online and in-store, including but not limited to:

Rain Sensors

Rain Sensors are designed to override an irrigation system depending on the environment and moisture present. During a storm or immediately following rainfall, a Rain Sensor will automatically switch an irrigation system off in order to conserve water and prevent unnecessary expenses. These units will also re-activate an irrigation system once a landscape has dried out or moisture cannot be sensed, effectively preventing the over-watering of an area or garden.
 Smart Water Shop stock a range of Rain Sensors & Supplies, including:

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Rain Bird Sensors

Rain Bird’s Rain Sensors are becoming necessary components for irrigation systems, thanks to their revolutionary technology, and the options of wired or wireless models. Easily connecting to most existing irrigation systems, especially the Rain Bird Irrigation System, Rain Bird’s Rain Sensors automatically shut off systems following rainfall or increased presence of moisture to prevent over-watering and conserve water sources. Rain Bird’s products feature reliable signal transmission, and additional innovations within the units deliver superior responsiveness to rainfall and colder temperatures, while still maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Hunter Sensors

Hunter’s extensive range of rain sensors contain the newest software in irrigation technology. While most rain-sensing devices work by accumulating a set amount of rainfall before shutting off the system (and unnecessarily wasting water during this ‘accumulation time’), Hunter’s built-in Quick Response technology can command a controller to switch off the moment water is sensed.

Irritrol Sensors

Irritrol is taking water management to the next level with its Rain Sensor Series. The reliable wireless and wired rain sensors conserve water by preventing irrigation cycles during or following sufficient rainfall, while the wireless model also helps reduce vegetation damage and icing conditions when the temperature drops below a predetermined set point. With its compact design and hose of convenient features, the RainSensor Series is the perfect complement to any standard controller.

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