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Overflow & Tank Outlets

 Smart Water Shop is your one-stop shop for Rainwater Tank supplies, service, and professional advice. Whether you’re looking for a package ready to install, or a customised system perfect for your personal project, we can help you. Smart Water Shop has an extensive range of Rainwater products, both online and in-store, including but not limited to:

Water Out
 In order to run an efficient and effective Rainwater Harvesting System; it is essential that the correct features are installed to ensure water enters and exits the tank as desired, in a clean and usable state. In order to use your water supply, outlets must be fitted to your rainwater harvesting system (or tank.) These outlets are located on the lower half of your tank, usually near the base, where you want to have access to rainwater supply. A ball valve and flexible piping are the most common of fixtures to install, as ground movement and shock can be absorbed.
 Smart Water Shop has a range of quality water outlets (including brass fixtures, which are recommended to ensure water quality is not tainted.)