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Outdoor Lighting

Smart Water Shop is the Leading Supplier of Outdoor Lighting Supplies in Melbourne

Smart Water Shop is your one-stop shop for Outdoor Lighting supplies, service, and professional advice. Whether you’re looking for a package ready to install, or a customised system perfect for your personal project, we can help you. Smart Water Shop has an extensive range of Outdoor Lighting products, both online and in-store, including but not limited to:

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Bollards & Path Lights

Bollard & Path Lights are a type of architectural outdoor lighting fixture comprising short, upright grounded units, typically emitting light from the top or sides of the structure. These types of outdoor lights are most efficient when used for illuminating walkways, steps, entrances, and pathways.

Smart Water Shop offers a range of quality Bollards & Path Light products, including those made by Aqualux and Havit.

Our Bollards & Path Lights

Pond Lights

Pond Lights are a beautiful addition to any outdoor water feature or pond display – allowing illumination at night and the ability to create breathtaking special light effects with varying colours and patterns. The majority of modern Pond Lights feature LED which are designed to last much longer, increase energy efficiency, and provide a brighter light than the halogen alternative.

Smart Water Shop offers a range of high-quality Pond Light products, such as those produced by PondMax and AquaLux.

Our Pond Lights

Step Lights

Step Lights are vertically mounted lights installed with the sole purpose of illuminating steps and slopes, so that people are able to see in the evening. Step Lights generally provide light only to the ground one walks upon, as opposed to acting as an additional display feature in a garden.

Smart Water Shop offers a range of practical Step Light products, such as those made by Aqualux and Havit.

Our Step Lights

Spike Spots

Spike Spots are spotlights that are used to illuminate trees, hedges, water features, or garden walls. They are designed to draw the eye to a backyard feature, acting as a display piece rather than a practical means of light.

Smart Water Shop offer a range of quality Spike Spots, such as those produced by Aqualux and Azoogi.

Our Spike Spots

Deck & Up Lights

Deck & Up Lights are outdoor lighting products specifically designed to sit flush against decking or flooring to provide a soft, aesthetic ambiance to decks and outdoor areas. This style of light usually comes as a round or square flush mounted light, and are designed to be walked over, making them the perfect lighting solution for public spaces.

Smart Water Shop offers a range of various Deck Light products, such as those made by Aqualux and Havit.

Our Deck & Up Lights

Wall Spots

Wall Spots are lights that can be mounted on a wall or post, depending on their intended use. These lights can illuminate up, down, or both ways, making them the perfect lighting solution for any busy external walkway, covered path, or outdoor entertainment area. Some Wall Spots may be swivelled in, out, or side-to-side to ensure you achieve the perfect lighting display for you.

Smart Water Shop is proud to carry a range of Wall Spot products, including those by Aqualux and Azoogi.

Our Wall Spots


Quality Globes are necessary for any and every outdoor or indoor lighting project. With the wholesale change from Halogen Globes to LED Globes, outdoor lighting has become a lot more viable for a number of different properties and projects. As LEDs use a fraction of the power that alternative globes use, outdoor lighting displays can now be left on overnight or for extended amounts of time without costing you a fortune.

Smart Water Shop offers a range of LED Globes, ranging from Aqualux to Azoogi.

Our Light Globes

Lighting Electrical

Outdoor Lighting must be connected to a power source somehow, usually with the help of wires, connectors, and transformers. Depending on the type of globes and casings being used, different currents and cables may also be required (such as heavy-duty cabling or larger transformers.) It is recommended that LED Globes are used for outdoor lighting displays, as they consume less power than other types of globes and don’t require large, powerful transformers.

Smart Water Shop has a range of Lighting Electrical equipment to suit any application, ranging from Cable Connectors to Transformers & Drivers.

Our Electrical Lighting Products

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our Outdoor Lighting products from the experienced Smart Water team. We also offer turf supplies and a smart garden watering system for various applications.

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