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Smart Water is the Leading Supplier of Irrigation Products in Melbourne

 Smart Water is your one-stop shop for Irrigation supplies, service, and professional advice. Whether you’re looking for a package ready to install, or a customised system perfect for your personal project, our Landscape Irrigation Experts can help you. Smart Water has an extensive range of Irrigation products, both online and in-store, including but not limited to:

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Irrigation Controllers

  Irrigation Controllers are devices used to operate automatic irrigation systems, such as lawn sprinklers and Drip Irrigation systems. There are a multitude of controllers available at Smart Water, from single-station battery operated controllers, to fully automated, large-scale controllers for larger spaces and irrigation projects. Irrigation Controllers have a means of setting the frequency of irrigation, the beginning times, and the duration of watering.
Our AC Irrigation Controllers
Our DC Irrigation Controllers

Sprinkler Irrigation

 Spray (or sprinkler) Irrigation is a method of applying water through an irrigation system, which resembles natural rainfall. Water is distributed through a system of pipes (usually with the help of pumping) and expelled into the air through sprinklers, which allow moisture to cover an extensive area. Included under the umbrella of Spray Irrigation come the risers, adapters, and fittings that help connect the sprinkler systems to a water source.
Our Spray Irrigation Products

Drip Irrigation

  Drip Irrigation (unlike Spray or Sprinkler) allows for efficient water irrigation by targeting the root zone directly and dispersing water at or below ground level, minimising a garden or crop’s susceptibility to water runoff, wind drift, and overspray. Important Drip Irrigation fittings that are required within the system include: pressure reducers, metal pins to secure lines, vacuum breakers, flush valves, and pressure indicators amongst others.
Our Drip Irrigation Products

Micro Irrigation

  Micro Irrigation is simply Sprinkler Irrigation on a much smaller scale, used mostly for small garden beds and potted plants. The spray and sprinkler heads used within Micro Irrigation systems are designed to spread water over shorter distances.
Our Micro Irrigation Products

Solenoid Valves and Parts

  A Solenoid Valve is an electromechanically operated valve that assists in controlling water flow within irrigation systems. There are a number of different valves, offering different abilities and uses within any irrigation system, depending on the size and expanse of your project. Smart Water carry solenoid valves ranging from 25mm to 50mm for small irrigation jobs, and more durable heavy-duty valves for large-scale irrigation systems.
Our Solenoid Valve Products

Rain and Moisture Sensors

  Rain Sensors are wired or wireless devices used within an irrigation system to ensure that water isn’t being used when a natural water source is available. They’re designed to override an irrigation system after rain has fallen, in order to preserve valuable water supplies. If the soil in an area is recognised as being too moist or there has been sufficient rainfall, moisture sensors will automatically disengage a watering system.
Our Rain & Moisture Sensors

Irrigation Cable and Electrical

Irrigation Cable is utilised for electrical interconnection of residential and commercial outdoor sprinkler systems, and electrically controlled irrigation systems. Smart Water offer a range of Irrigation Cable products, from single wire to 13-wire rolls in lengths of 1, 30, 50, and 100M.
 Smart Water’s range of Electrical Equipment is all you need to ensure your water or irrigation system is connected to a source of power. Carrying everything from conduit pipes to additional fittings and hardware, you will find all the Electrical products you require at one of our stores.
Our Irrigation Cable and Electrical Products

Irrigation Pipe

  Irrigation Pipes are essential for all water systems, as they are used for carrying and directing water throughout the entire irrigation network. Depending on your project, it is critical that you achieve the most efficient water flow – selecting a pipe that is too narrow or wide may not work for your system. The experts at Smart Water Shop are able to assist you in choosing the right piping for your job.
Our Pipes & Tubing

Irrigation Fittings

  Irrigation Fittings are the basic building blocks of any efficient water or irrigation system, as they allow water to enter, exit, and flow efficiently through your system.  
Our Irrigation Fittings


  Valves are utilised within an irrigation or water system to control or stop the flow of water. Typically, in any water system a series of several valves will be present – one may control rotors, while another may control sprays. Visit the Landscape Irrigation Experts at Smart Water to find out which valves will best suit your water or irrigation system.
Our Valves

Valve Boxes

 Valve Boxes are used to house and protect a single solenoid valve (or multiple solenoid valves) in the ground. Valve Boxes are available in a range of sizes and shapes; from smaller, basic boxes for household purposes, to larger heavy-duty boxes for commercial applications. Smart Water carries a range of valve boxes for different purposes, from smaller units for domestic projects, to large valve boxes intended for commercial use. These units are also available in green or purple, to indicate whether recycled water is in use.
Our Valve Boxes

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water  is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our Irrigation products from the experienced Landscape Irrigation Experts. Please find our Store Locations and Opening Hours on our Home Page.

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