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Smart Water Shop is your one-stop shop for Irrigation supplies, service, and professional advice. Whether you’re looking for a package ready to install, or a customised system perfect for your personal project, we can help you. Smart Water Shop has an extensive range of Irrigation products, both online and in-store, including but not limited to:

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Low Density Poly Pipe
 LD Poly (or low-density polyethylene) piping is a popular choice of piping within the irrigation industry, especially for directing water within drip and sprinkler systems where the operating pressure doesn’t exceed 300kPa.  This piping is manufactured to exacting standards for use by the home gardener, commercial landscapers, and agricultural installers – ideal for all professional quality installations.

High Density Poly Pipe
 HD Poly (or high-density polyethylene) piping is a popular choice of piping within the irrigation industry, especially when the mains is being utilised as the water source of choice. Also known as ‘blue line’ piping, HD Poly is rated to a higher kPa, making it suitable for the pumping of water with increased pressure (such as mains.)

Rural Poly Pipe
 Rural Poly (also known as ‘green stripe pipe’) is commonly seen in garden applications or domestic irrigation systems where smaller areas are being serviced. This type of pipe is most suitable for low-pressure pumping and gravity fed applications, such as water transfer, stock watering systems, and irrigation projects. Rural Poly Pipe is not recommended for pump suction lines.

PVC Pipe
 PVC Pipes are a commonly used material throughout irrigation systems, due to being one of the lightest and easiest of pipeline materials to handle, install, and maintain. Rigid PVC Piping is not only able to withstand increased pressures, but has increased resistance to a number of factors, such as corrosion and rusting, making it the perfect pipe solution for larger-scale irrigation applications.

Clear Vinyl Tubing
 Clear Vinyl Tubing is an especially helpful material when it comes to running an efficient and lasting irrigation system. The transparency of the pipes assists in preventing blockages from occurring, as sediment and build-up is simple to locate and flush out of the system before lasting damage can occur.

Copper Pipe
 Copper Pipe is an ideal material for use within an irrigation system, as it is resistant to a number of threatening factors, such as rust, cracking, corrosion, and root attack. Although the working pressure of copper tubing can handle most water pressures encountered in residential and commercial irrigation systems, the working pressures of normal soldered fitting joints are below that of the tube, and should be addressed at the design and installation level.

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