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Toro Australia is a leading worldwide supplier of irrigation systems and landscaping equipment. The Toro Company was founded in 1914 and since then have installed and supplied products at many sites around Australia, including Crown Casino, Randwick racecourse, the MCG, the Royal Melbourne golf course, and more.

Smart Water, your leading local store for irrigation supplies, is proud to offer Toro Irrigation products, with a range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Toro Irrigation Controllers

Toro: Evolution Outdoor Controller & Expansion Modules

The Evolution Expandable Controller allows a user to program the system from a home computer, simply using a USB device to transfer programming to one or more controllers within seconds. The Toro Evolution is easily adaptable to any experience level, whether that be amateur or professional.
  • Computer-programmable with USB drive
  • Revolutionary interface which is easy to use and understand
  • 4-16 Stations (Option of 4 or 12 station expansion modules)

Toro: DDCWP Controllers

The DDCWP Controller is an excellent option for areas without accessible power. Complete with a waterproof body powered by 9V batteries, the DDCWP can be installed anywhere in the garden, offering greater flexibility.

  • Exclusive virtual dial interface

  • 2 x 9V batteries provide sufficient power to last an entire season of irrigation

  • 2, 4, 6 & 8 Station Models Available


Toro Irrigation Solenoid Valves

Toro: P220 Series Solenoid Valves

Toro’s PP20 commercial-grade solenoid valves are the ideal valves for entry-level irrigation requiring tough, heavy-duty fittings. These solenoids offer brass strength at a convenient, low price point.

  • Pressure control option with compact EZReg dial design
  • Double-beaded, fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragm
  • Self-cleaning, stainless-steel metering rod

Toro: EZ-Flow Plus Solenoid Valves

The EZ Flo Plus Valve series is composed of a series of units featuring a ‘jar top’ design, complete with heavy-duty cap ring, ensuring fast and easy servicing. These valves have the flexibility and serviceability to meet residential applications worldwide.

  • DC latching solenoid compatible
  • Jar-top design for easy servicing
  • Double-beaded diaphragm ensures a leak-proof seal

Toro Drip Line

Toro: PC or NPC Drip-Eze Drip Line

The renowned Drip-Eze lines are precise, low-flow irrigation products suited to a wide range of landscape applications, ranging from high-density planting areas to intricately-shaped garden beds. It is most ideal for installation in areas where overspray cannot be tolerated, such as median strips and garden beds.

  • Composed of low density polyethylene
  • Discreet brown tubing for easy camouflage within a landscape
  • Two directly opposed outlets to prevent clogging of exits


Toro:  Industrial Sprinklers: Golf Rotors

Toro: Flex800 B Series Golf Rotors

The Toro Flex800 family combines all the features and performance of the Flex Sprinkler Series in a more economical body package, specifically designed for block systems.

  • A wide assortment of intermediate and inner nozzles, providing unmatched flexibility
  • Flanged cap stabilises body position and maintains optimum nozzle performance
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas

Toro: Agricultural Rotors

Toro: Roto-Frame Impact Sprinkler

The Rotoframe Impact Sprinkler is a low-pressure ‘butterfly’ sprinkler, complete with rotating spinner and frame which improves water distribution and eliminates frame shadow.

  • Rotates to provide improved water distribution
  • Full circle spray pattern for even coverage
  • Durable construction for long service life

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our products from the experienced Smart Water team.

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