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Rain Harvesting


Rain Harvesting

 Over the years, the Rain Harvesting business has grown to include a number of renowned and trusted brands. Rain Harvesting has since combined their brands and business to run under the one simplified common name: Blue Mountain Co.
 With the same trusted team, owner, quality focus, and expert services, you can rest at ease knowing that all the high-quality, innovative products and helpful, specialist services are still available.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of Aquascape products, with a range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Rain Harvesting: Leaf Eater Advanced                               
 The Leaf Eater Advanced is the next generation of Rain Head, featuring the new patented Clean Shield technology and VH pivot outlet. This unit is specifically designed to prevent debris and pollutants entering your water storage system, improve water quality, and reduce the need for regular tank maintenance.

  • Compact & Versatile Rain Head for Quick & Easy Installation
  • Prevents Downpipes from Blocking & Eaves from Overflowing
  • Minimised Maintenance & Enhanced Catchment Efficiency

Rain Harvesting: Leaf Eater Ultra                                       

 The Leaf Eater Ultra is the ultimate in innovation, design and performance, featuring the new Hydro-Activated Filtration technology. The Ultra is the next generation, surpassing the Leaf Eater Advanced in efficiency and durability. This unit utilises a precisely angled screen to deflect leaves and debris from the flow of water to maximise catchment.

  • VH Pivot outlet Swivels to Suit Vertical or Horizontal Downpipes
  • Improves Water Quality & Reduces Tank Maintenance
  • Can be Used to Remove Debris when Rainwater is not Being Collected

Rain Harvesting: Leaf Eater Slimline                                   

 The Leaf Eater Slimline is a rain head designed to blend seamlessly into the architecture of any home. This unit is guaranteed to improve the quality of water in your tank and reduce the need for regular maintenance later on. It also helps to prevent the backflow of water into gutters and eaves.

  • Slim Design for Seamless Installation
  • Overflow Indicator Reflects when Maintenance is Required
  • Removable Filter Body for Ease of Cleaning


Rain Harvesting: Down-Pipe First Flush Diverter              
 The First Flush Water Diverted helps to improve stored water quality by preventing the first flush of water (which generally contains roof contaminants and pollutants) from entering the tank.

  • Slow Release Valve Ensures the Chamber Empties Itself Automatically
  • Ideal to Use in Conjunction with a Rain Head
  • Improves Water Quality, Protects Pumps & Internal Appliances

Rain Harvesting: Tank Gauge

 These rainwater tank level indicators ensure you are able to tell how much water remains in your tank at a glance, making it easy to determine how you need to use your system or collect water.

  • Utilises a Reliable Float System
  • Suitable for All Vented Tanks up to 2.5m Tall
  • Empty/Full Indicators Allow for Better Measurement than a Number Dial

Rain Harvesting: Mozzie-Stoppa Flap Valve

 The Mozzie Stoppa Flap Valve allows a rapid flow of water through a double-sealed, self-cleaning valve that cannot be rotated or left open. These flap valves allow a flow of air over the surface of stored water within the tank system, assisting in improving water quality, while preventing pests from entering.

  • Mosquito & Vermin Proof
  • Allows Stored Water to Breathe & Remain Fresh

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our products from the experienced Smart Water team.

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