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 For decades OASE has stood for creative design using water. Fascinating water effects in private gardens to large, imposing installations in the public domain indicate the broad area of implementation and product range OASE possess. Founded in 1949 as a repair shop for agricultural machines, OASE has grown and developed into a global player with a reputation for innovation and quality.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of Oase products, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Oase: Aquarius Universal Pumps
The Aquarius Universal Pump range is comprised of high-performance pumps with compact dimensions, making them suitable for a number of decorative fountain applications – whether it be in an expansive garden or on a small balcony.

  • Individual Alignment of the Fountain is Possible
  • Supplemental Outlet for Small Watercourses or Water Spouts
  • Low Level Suction & Reduced Noise Level

Oase: AquaMax Pond Pumps

 The Aquamax Pond Pumps can reliably feed waterwalls and watercourses, or transport pond water to biological filter for further filtration. These units save substantial amounts of power and money during operation, thanks to their energy-efficient EC motors.

  • Top Entry-Level Model with a First Class Price-Performance Ratio
  • Saves Power and Money thanks to Energy-Efficient Motor
  • Can Handle Coarse Debris Particles up to 8mm in Size


Oase: BioPress
 The BioPress Filtration units consist of a pressure filter with integrated UVC and a matching filter/watercourse pump, complete with all necessary hose connections for guaranteed quick assembly. With a cleaning function built-in and 3 different filter media present, the BioPress is ideal for convenient pond maintenance.

  • Clear Water Guaranteed through the Ideal Combination of Filter, Pump & UVC Technology
  • Easy to Maintain with Patented Cleaning Function in the Lid
  • Perfect to Blend into Surroundings (Can Be Buried up to Lid for more Discreet Installation)

Oase: Bitron UVC Clarifier
 Oase’s UVC Clarifier fights algae effectively with an ingenious, innovative UVC technology, keeping your pond or water feature in optimum working condition.

  • Clever Bypass System Combines High Flow Rates with Duration of Radiation
  • Permanent Self-Cleaning thanks to Patented Cleaning Rotor
  • Highly Effective against Suspended Algae, Bacteria and Germs


Oase: Schaumsprudler 22-5K/35-10E
 Oase’s Fountain Heads are quality fittings that produce lively, bubbling water patterns generated by the foam effect nozzle. They are ideal for use in water features and pond displays, either indoor or outdoor.

  • Water-Level Independent Foam Effect Nozzles
  • Installation above the Water Surface
  • Smart Water Stock the Models: 22-5K and 35-10E


Oase: Algo Direct Algaecide
  The AlGo Direct formula is designed to quickly and reliably eliminate string algae through the release of active oxygen, which effectively kills off living algae within a short period of time. It works on contact with the algae, and without the addition of organic biocides or heavy metals.

  • Specifically Designed for Selective & Fast Algae Control
  • Micro-Organisms Decompose the Dead Algae Remaining in the Water
  • 500mL Treats Ponds of Max. 10m3

Oase: pH Value Minus
 pH Value Minus is a natural compound used to reduce the pH values in pond, aquariums, and other small bodies of water. The pH Value Minus reduces pH levels, which in turns prevents ammonia poisoning that can be caused by significantly high values.

  • Prevents Ammonia Poisoning Caused by High pH
  • Recommended for Use at High Temperatures or After Water Changes
  • 500mL Treats 10,000L

Oase: Hardness Plus
  Hardness Plus assists in giving pond water the correct ‘hardness’ – it increases the carbonate content of pond water, stabilising the lime-carbonic acid balance which determines the pH value.

  • Increases Carbonate Hardness in Exhausted Water
  • Treats Soft Water or Rain Water for Pond Filling
  • 500mL Treats 5,000L of Water

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our products from the experienced Smart Water team.

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