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Netafim Irrigation Products


Netafim is the global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. Since introducing the world’s first drip irrigation solutions in 1965, Netafim have led the way by developing products that help consumers optimise results. With a focus on protecting the environment and natural resources, Netafim empower their customers to use land, water and energy in more efficient and responsible ways.

Together with their partners and suppliers, Netafim are revolutionising irrigation globally. They are driving the mass adoption of innovative, simple and reliable drip irrigation systems and solutions. The Netafim team around the world provides customers with the best agronomic and technical support to ensure outstanding results and peace of mind.

Smart Water, your leading local store for irrigation supplies, is proud to offer Netafim products, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Netafim: Techline AS

Netafim’s Techline AS is an integrated dripper line which features the special Netafim DripNet AS dripper – a pressure compensated (PC) self-regulating dripper with a unique anti-siphon mechanism preventing suck back. With choice of dripper flow rate and spacing, the Netafim Techline is the perfect irrigation solution for domestic and light commercial surface or sub-surface applications.

  • Pressure-Compensated Dripper Self Regulates Drip Discharge
  • Anti-Siphon Mechanism Prevents Suck Back
  • SmartWaterMark Approved

Netafim: Miniscape (Landline 8)

Netafim’s Miniscape NPC Drip Line (rebranded as Landline 8) is an 8mm high-grade, UV-stable, brown poly drip line, perfect for any domestic irrigation application. As a non-pressure compensated drip line, the Netafim Landline 8 is ideal for small, flat garden beds, vegetable gardens, and pot plants. It is the perfect replacement for micro-sprays and proves to be more efficient.

  • Flushes Debris as Detected Throughout Operation
  • Large Centrally-Located Dripper Inlet Filter
  • SmartWaterMark Approved for High Water Efficiency

Netafim: Tiran

The Netafim Landline (Tiran) is the ideal drip tube for distributing grey water. It has been specifically designed with increased flow rate for effective grey water distribution and use in grey water diversion systems. Although this dynamic drip tube performs exceptionally within garden beds and planting areas, it is not recommended for use under lawns as it is vulnerable to root intrusion and blockages. 

  • Wide Cross Section for Improved Resistance to Clogging
  • Optimal Performance Under Harsh Water Conditions
  • Ideal for Garden Beds, Flowers, and other Small Planting Areas


Netafim: Flushing Valve

The Netafim Flushing Valve is designed to provide a cleansing action within an irrigation dripper line each time a zone is activated by flushing litres of water through the system, ensuring a line is in the best condition before being utilised. The additional flow of water being dumped into the system by the Flushing Valve allows the velocity inside the line to increase momentarily, helping to clean the inside walls of the tubing and drip inlet filters.

  • Automatic Sump Dump Upon Zone Activation
  • Thoroughly Cleans Out Drip Lines & Drip Inlet Filters
  • UV-Resistant for Longevity & Durability | Withstands Chemicals & Fertilisers

Netafim: Air Release Valve

The Netafim Air Release Valve is designed to allow the purging of air from a drip line when the water source to the line is activated, preventing a vacuum occurring which can draw contaminants into the system. An Air Release Valve is always installed at the highest point of each separate zone.

  • Eliminates Air Pockets within a System
  • Improves Dripper Line Operation & Speed
  • Prevents Clogging & Damage of an Irrigation System


Netafim: Coolnet Misters

The Netafim CoolNet is a super-fine static mister, especially designed for cooling and humidifying greenhouses and livestock, and for irrigating over rooting tables. With interchangeable components, varying configurations (‘Cross’ featuring 4 Nozzles, and a ‘T’ featuring 2 Nozzles), flow rate options, and a bridgeless design, there is a CoolNet Sprinkler Assembly & Nozzle Set for each and every application.

  • Produces Micro-Sized Droplets, Uniformly Distributed
  • Composed of Acid Resistant Materials for Convenient Use with Agricultural Chemicals
  • Bridgeless Design Eliminates Dripping

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