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 From humble beginnings working on a family fish farm, Clearpond has evolved and grown into a leading supplier in Australia that creates, manages, and enhances aquatic environments. Clearpond service a large range of projects, from fascinating garden ponds and aquariums, to water features and garden décor, as well as the management of aquaculture for golf courses, sports stadiums, and public open gardens. They have a reputation for innovation, quality, and responsibility.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of Clearpond products, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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ClearPond: OzPond Preformed Ponds
Backed by a 30 year guarantee, the OzPond range has something for everyone. From a small pond that holds around 120 litres up to 1000 litres for the more serious water gardener, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any project.

ClearPond: Fibreglass Preformed Ponds

Fibreglass ponds are suitable for a variety of uses from formal ponds with statues and fountains, to reservoirs for sheer descents and waterwalls. Fibreglass ponds are more rigid than plastic and can be positioned either above or below ground.

ClearPond: Heavy-Duty Plastic Preformed Ponds
Clearpond’s plastic ponds are lightweight and suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. Two ranges are listed, one made of HDPE and our Heavy Duty ponds made from HMWPE.


ClearPond: Pond Liner Underlay
 ClearPond’s quality Liner Underlay is a soft, felt-like material designed for use in the creation and preparation of new ponds and water features. This Underlay assists in preventing abrasions to the pond liner, ultimately extending the life of the pond and reducing the likelihood of damage occurring in the future.

  • Highly Porous, Allowing Water to Pass while Preventing Soil Migration
  • High melting Point & UV-Stability for Longevity & Durability
  • Available by the Metre or Roll (50m)

Clearpond: PVC Pond Liner
 ClearPond’s quality PVC Pond Liner is a UV-stabilised liner designed for ponds or pond-less water features. This versatile and economical liner can be cut and joined together with ease to fit the design and shape of any water feature, making it the ideal liner in the creation of ponds, nature ponds, or illusion water features in any environment. ClearPond’s PVC Liner is best suited to PVC Liner Glue or Gold Label Underwater Sealant.

  • Most Economical Liner for the Construction of Ponds & Water Features
  • UV-Stabilised for Longevity & Durability (Plus 10 Year Guarantee)
  • Available in Lengths of 2, 3 & 4 Metres



ClearPond: Pondzyme
  Clearpond’s Pondzyme contains beneficial bacteria that feasts on the organic waste and nutrients found in the layer of sludge that accumulates at the bottom of a pond over time. This sludge is usually composed of decaying leaves, dead algae and plants, fish waste, and uneaten fish food – all of which is capable of producing harmful carbon dioxide overtime. The Pondzyme product not only reduces undesirable matter in your pond, ut ultimately reduces the need for regular pond maintenance.

  • Enzyme-Based Formula Removes Harmful Sludge
  • Consumes Dead Algae Following Algae Treatments
  • Restores Biological Activity & Assists in Maintaining Health in Pond

ClearPond: Crystal Lagoon

 The Bianco Vulcan petrol-powered firefighter pump is a portable pump ideal for fire prevention on properties where power is not readily available or accessible. With an engine powered by Briggs & Stratton, you can rest assured that this quick-start pump is capable of offering protection against bushfire attack, can effectively transfer water, and is suitable for crop spraying or jetting.

  • Discharge Port for Ease of Connection to Multiple Hoses
  • Full Serviceability without Removing Custom Built Roll-Frame
  • Spark Arrester Prevents Rogue Sparks

ClearPond: PH Down

  Clearpond’s PH Down is a fish friendly pH reducer designed for use in garden ponds and aquariums. The pH Down reduces and balances the pH (or acidity) of the pond, which is vital for fish health, disease resistance, good fish colour, and successful breeding.

  • Ideal for Use in Fish-Inhabited Ponds & Aquariums
  • Reduces & balances pH Levels in Water
  • Helps Control Disease that may be Otherwise Harmful to Fish

With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our products from the experienced Smart Water team.

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