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 Since establishing in 1985, South Australian owned Antelco has leapt ahead with its continuing focus on providing high-quality, low volume, micro-irrigation products to meet the global need for efficient water distribution. A team of experienced engineers and product developers, armed with a wealth of knowledge on plastic materials and the manufacturing process, create quality and cost-effective micro irrigation products which undergo rigorous field testing to ensure the result is a fault-free, quality product worthy of the Antelco name.

 Founded in Australia, the driest inhabited continent in the world, Antelco knows that innovative irrigation products are needed to promote responsible water use worldwide. In a world of regulations and restrictions, Antelco strive to develop new and sustainable solutions that can meet the challenge of managing our finite water resources.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of Antelco irrigation products, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Landscape Adjustable Flow
Antelco’s range of Landscape Adjustable Flow products is ideal for use in the home garden or in light commercial applications. Their adjustability enables the user to ‘fine tune’ the watering application to the needs of individual plants and garden beds.
Check out the Shrubbler and the Potstream!

 Landscape Fixed Flow
 The Landscape Fixed flow products by Antelco are ideal for use in the home garden or in light commercial applications. These drippers are designed to apply precise amounts of water to your plants, and are commonly used where plants have similar watering requirements (such as in native gardens, or where water conservation guidelines limit the use of high flow drippers and sprays.)
Check out the Asta PC Drip!


Landscape Adjustable Flow
 Antelco’s Landscape Adjustable Flow sprays are ideal for odd-shaped garden beds or areas where differing water patterns are required, while Fixed Flow sprays are more suitable for uniformly-spaced garden beds, such as strip borders.
Check out the Vari-Jets and the Micro Spray Jets!


Take-Off & Low Density Polyethylene Irrigation Fittings
  Antelco manufacture and supply a large range of varied irrigation fittings, from take-off to low density polyethylene fittings. Take-Off Fittings are suitable for connecting low density poly tubing (or drip line) to larger pipe sizes, such as mains. Antelco’s low density polyethylene fittings allow for easy connections to and from low density poly pipe or tubing.
 Check out our range of Antelco poly fittings!

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