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 Amgrow Home Garden is one of Australia’s largest home garden product suppliers, offering a wide range of solutions that allow the home gardener to see proven results in their everyday gardens. With its’ origins beginning in the early 1900’s, the Amgrow group has grown, diversified and adapted over more than a century, to become the uniquely diverse sales and distribution business it is today.
 Smart Water stock a number of Amgrow’s Weed Control Products as a testament to their effectiveness at keeping lawns and gardens healthy, thriving, and free of harmful intrusion.

Smart Water are proud suppliers of Amgrow Weed Control products, with a wide range of items in-store and online. Some items we recommend include:

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Amgrow: Winter Grass Killer
 Amgrow’s Winter Grass Killer is a selective herbicide for control of winter grasses, that is suitable for use on couch, bent, buffalo, ryegrass, brown top, and Kentucky Blue. It is not recommended for use on Kikuyu or fescue lawn varieties.

  • Breaks Down Quickly, Leaving No Residue in Soil
  • Should be Applied at First Sign of Winter Grass, Before Flowering & Seeding Begins
  • Controls: Wintergrass

Amgrow: Tree & Blackberry Killer

 Amgrow’s Tree & Blackberry Killer is a highly concentrated herbicide used in the control of Blackberry, Lantana, Groundsel, Privet, Wattles, and other woody weeds commonly found in the home garden. As well as standard spray application, the Tree & Blackberry Killer can also be used in cut stump and basal bark applications.

  • Not Recommended for Use on Blackberry Suffering from Drought Stress
  • Should be Applied from Spring to Mid-Summer when Growth is Active
  • Controls: Blackberry, Lantana, Camphor Laurel, Privet, etc.

Amgrow: Bin-Die Concentrate

 Amgrow’s Bin-Die has been formulated especially for use on buffalo lawns. It is also suitable for couch, bent, kikuyu, paspalum, fescue and rye lawns. It is a broad spectrum herbicide that controls bindii, catsear, clover, creeping oxalis, cudweed, dandelion, plantain and thistles. This product contains both contact and systematic herbicides.

  • Use Throughout Spring & Autumn to Control a Wide Range of Nuisance Weeds
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Grass Types
  • Controls: Lambs Tongue, Cats Ear, Cudweed, Bindii, White Clover, Dandelion, Capeweed, etc.

Amgrow: Kleen Lawn

 Amgrow’s Kleen Lawn Selective Lawn Weeder can be used to effectively control broad leaf weeds (including clover, chickweed, dandelion, and bindii) from taking over a garden or yard. Although this formula is not recommended for use on buffalo varieties, it is suitable for couch, kikuyu, and bent lawns.

  • Apply Kleen Lawn Through Spring
  • Most Effective when used on Lawns
  • Controls: Dock, Chickweed, Pearlwort, Bindii, White lover, and Dandelion.


With stores in Wantirna, Burwood, and Hoppers Crossing, your closest Smart Water Shop is just around the corner – drop in today for further information about our products from the experienced Smart Water team.

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